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45 years expertise goes into every aspect of our engineering output. We treat our customer's Lotus cars as if they were our own.
From classic cars to the latest version we have the experience, expertise and professionalism to provide the very best in Lotus servicing.

Morland Jones
226-227 Trussley Road
London W6 7PP
020 8741 2303 (Phone)
020 8741 3116 (Fax)


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After Market (See our AFTERMARKET gallery)

At Morland-Jones we are happy to take on any after-market installations, from engine upgrades, suspension modifications, brake system upgrades to sound system installations.

Performance Modifications:
This is a growing sector of our business, and as active Track Day drivers ourselves we understand the quest to look for improvements in engine power, handling and braking, all these areas can improve not only your cars performance but can significantly reduce your lap times.
We are available to discuss what can be done to your car, some cars have more upgrades available to them than others, but all cars can be improved on.
Call us to see what modifications are available for your car.


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