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Car Repairs In London

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45 years expertise goes into every aspect of our engineering output. We treat our customer's Lotus cars as if they were our own.
Car Repairs In London
From classic cars to the latest version we have the experience, expertise and professionalism to provide the very best in Lotus servicing.

Morland Jones
226-227 Trussley Road
London W6 7PP
020 8741 2303 (Phone)
020 8741 3116 (Fax)


Car Repairs In London | Lotus Crash Repairs

London Drop Off Service

If you work in London then consider dropping off your car at our Hammersmith garage and then use the rail service until we fix or repair your car. We will fast track your Lotus for repairs. For servicing and minor repairs you can drop your car off in the morning and pick it after you finish work.

Our servicing packages are customer specific. If you prefer to do some maintenance yourself (as some enthusiastic owners do), or are just happy that you have found someone you can trust, who can do it all for you then we can part perform repairs for the more difficult procedures.

If, when we inspect your car at the start of the service, we find any faults, we will notify you of the likely cost before doing any work and, if you're not ready to have the work done, we will advise you of the fault for future reference.

Should any new parts be required, we can get them the same day or if it's not in stock the following day.

It is a common misconception that you must get your vehicle serviced and maintained by a manufacturer or authorized dealer to retain your warranty. However, providing your alternative garage is VAT registered and follows the manufacturers designated service schedules, as we strictly adhere to, and uses OEM parts; your warranty will remain valid. This is guaranteed.


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Car Repairs In London
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